The Big Energy Spring Clean


The Big Spring Clean 
a deep energetic detox, rebalance and tune-up
triyoga, camden 10th March 10.00am-5.00pm
£75.00      Register on triyoga
From time to time it is good to enjoy an extra thorough clean and tidy-up of our energy systems, just in the same way as our home! Through the course of the winter we may not always have the time, energy or inclination for proper Energy Detox and Maintenance, so we may have a build up of waste energy in our chakras, aura, meridians and other core energy systems. In time this can make us feel "stuck" or "sticky" on many levels including physical, emotional and mental.
Have you been feeling extra stressed or unexplainably out of sorts? Is there repetitive ill-health? Or do you intuitively feel the need of an energy boost to welcome Spring fully?
The following may be symptoms of energy congestion, energy imbalance or energy depletion...
Physical - tired, exhausted, lethargic, low immunity, sleep imbalances?
Emotional - closed, drained, vulnerable, volatile?
Mental- strained, imbalanced, overloaded, anxiety, nervous, excessive thinking?
Spiritual - strong long term repetitive patterns & thoughts, powerlessness
Join James and the team of Spiritual Guides and Shamanic Allies to relax, meditate, lay back and receive wave after wave of the highest vibrational energy healing; advanced spiritual healing methods; guided meditation and a simple method of energy self-care to take home. 
Spring Clean & Spring Forward with a deep energy detox;  rebalance and tuneup!

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