Manifest with Spirit - London Jan 2018


Manifesting with Spirit - access and create our true hearts desire

The College of Psychic Studies, South Kensington, London

Sunday 28th January 10.00am-5.00pm

£95.00 ( members £75.00)

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  • Do you feel stuck, stagnant or at a crossroads? 
  • Are familiar yet unwelcome patterns still in control, despite your best intentions? 
  • Is it time for real substantial change? 

Or maybe life is good and you simply want more of that goodness, but are unsure how to ‘make it happen’? 

In this impactful day we enlist our spiritual guides & allies to help us understand more about how we manifest. 

In particular we will learn and practise how to come more fully present and balanced, minimise unhealthy fantasising of our future, let go of unhealthy ways of the past and embrace our natural ability to access what our heart really wants and manifest it. 

Through modern energetic tools, meditations, spiritual attunement and psychic sensing we will boost conscious control of our life, deepen our connections with spirit guides and get back into our natural flow of life. This will be an experiential day providing new meditations and psychic tools to take home and add to your spiritual practises.

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